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Bandicoot meets Tiger

Bandicoot meets Tiger.jpg Commission - Amon and Coco Thumbnails Screenshot - Fight for You

Crunch dared to take one step closer despite the ongoing threats from the mysterious tigress of the forest. He couldn’t tell exactly where she was, but she became closer with each footstep he took… Crunch was nervous, sure, but more than ever, he was determined to give this one shot.
To get it over and done with.

“Look! I am not a threat. I just want to talk; perhaps we can make some kind of alliance? Come on, I’m only trying to-“

Before Crunch could finish his line, a flash of gold appeared from the treetops before him, completely catching him by surprise and knocking him to the ground in a split second.
He opened his eyes after the shock of being caught off-guard, and his eyes were set upon the female figure pinning him down with a knife at hand. Despite her bared teeth and knife at his throat, he couldn’t help but want to mutter the first thing that came to mind.
Instead the thylacine yelled, baring her fangs down at him…

“I told you to LEAVE!”

“You’re… you’re a lot prettier than I imagined…”

“YOU! Wait, what?”

The female’s expression changed from furious to astonishment. She backed away for a moment, which gave Crunch the opportunity to shift back and bounce up onto his feet a metre or so in front of her.
He smiled and held out his left hand in the form of a handshake.

“The name’s Crunch”

“How dare you, you smartass! I’m not here to buddy up with some creep; this island is home to those of us who were left for dead by those scientists!”

“But I am one of those mutants! Well uhh… maybe not exactly left for dead now, but I-“

“Don’t waste your breath! How can I trust you when you’ve been branded by Cortex?”

Tani barked, eyeing up the ring around Crunch’s left arm, which was displaying an N logo of Dr Neo Cortex.

Tara Mckee
Created on
Monday 26 June 2017
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